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TR2 was founded in 1999 by Mike Kelly, Joseph Conslvi lLarry Alpert and Michael Tebrich,

Kelly was a founder of Trace on 1976 the only fouder active in the company and was responsible for production, quality control and new product development since inception . Consalvi was COO of trace for three years until he and Kelly resigned from trace in september 1998 .Alpert Tebrich and Assoc. were the Trace independent sales reps for california for almost 20 years .

Adams USA purchased all of the assets of trace in january 1999, closed the manufacturing operation in seattle and , moved all guard manfacturing to China.

The founders of TR2 decided to start a new company because they believe that the quality and the protection, comfort and durability that they worked so hard to achieve over the years at Trace will no longer be associated with the Chinese / Trace product.They intend, through TR2 to supply the same quality products that were considered by many ,including professional athletes,simply the best pads on the market.

The tradition Continues !

MODEL 2042

Made in Canada
All U.S.materials

- Wrap-around protection
using 1/2 rubatex closed
cell vinyl nitrile foam
known for superior shock
absorption and impact
protection ( 3 ti 4 times
greater than the eva
used by many compititors. )

- Keyhole design allows
joint to flex easily.
-Open back reduces bulkiness
behind knee.
-High quality materials stretch easily,
maintain original shape.

- Teflon coating on
face greatly increases
life of pad by reducing
friction when coning in
contact with the floor.
(Not recommended for
some synthetic floors. )
- Heavy duty, durable nylon/
spandex for face; comfortable
nylon/ spandex for cuffs
and back.
-Machine washable
withouyt deteriorating.

TR2 Sports was formed in 1999 by founders and former management of
Trace Athletic Corporation, to continue the 24 year tradition of high quality
sports protection products..
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The best professional knee guard !